Melbourne Vascular Imaging | Screening for Vascular Health


About us

Melbourne Vascular Imaging (MVI) is a specialized vascular centre offering comprehensive non-invasive vascular diagnostic service utilizing advanced state-of-the-art technology to provide precise clinical information in a timely matter.

MVI services the Royal Melbourne Hospital Vascular Unit and is the only vascular laboratory in the inner north of Melbourne.

Why are we here?

Your doctor may be concerned with your sensory or visual disturbances, your discomfort when walking or exercising, the pulsating mass in your stomach or neck, or maybe just the veins protruding from your legs. What ever your vascular problem might be, it is our job to investigate your vascular system using non-invasive ultrasound and provide you and your doctor with timely results.


At MVI we offer a range of techniques and sometimes a combination of techniques to assess your vascular circulation. These include ultra modern Colour Duplex ultrasound technology as well as Continuous Wave Doppler to assess the fingers, ankles and toes which can not be imaged with ultrasound. We also provide exercise equipment to assess functional circulation pre- and post exercise.

You can be assured that we spare no expense in ensuring we offer a comprehensive service with accurate results for your piece of mind.

Are there any costs involved?

Your test is completely bulk billed. This means there is absolutely no cost to you as we receive payment directly from Medicare.

Who will be doing the tests?

At MVI, an accredited vascular sonographer specializing in vascular ultrasound will perform your tests. Tests will be forwarded directly to your referring doctor the same day (if requested). If the results indicate an urgent matter, a prompt assessment by a vascular surgeon can be provided at your request.